[om] Re: [om-a] Project of a Knot Database

Arjeh Cohen amc at win.tue.nl
Wed Dec 22 14:00:52 CET 1999

Dear Paul Libbrecht,


> I have written a sketch for a Knot Database project.
> 	http://cirget.math.ca/~paul/KnotKnowledge/
> Which I'd like to see implemented one day...
> Comments and suggestions on further directions would be very appreciated.
> Paul Libbrecht

As you sent the message to:

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you might be interested to know what OpenMath might offer.
First, there is polynomial CD; a new version exists and/or
is in the make by James Davenport and others at Bath and Oxford
Second, we are in the midst of making a Phrasebook for Mathematica,
based on jlink (just out) so that you can use the full power of Mathematica
for knot computations (there might even be stuff for knots in Mathematica already). There already exists a phrasebook (or two) for Maple.
Third, you may want to write a CD for knots!

Sincerely, Arjeh M. Cohen
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