[om] OpenMath and Imaging

Manfred Riem mriem at win.tue.nl
Thu Sep 23 23:10:06 CEST 1999


	I'm currently involved in a project that will render 
OpenMath objects. We're thinking about the following layout 
to achieve this.

1. OpenMath XML --> 2. OpenMath Object  |
                                        |-> 4. DisplayTree
                 3. OpenMath Stylesheet |       |
                                         5. JPEG/GIF/Canvas

1. The general input-layer as specified in the standard.
2. The general abstract-layer as specified in the standard.
3. An new 'stylesheet' language that knows about the 
   general layout of OpenMath objects. And know about
   several operators.
4. The actual tree that will be used to do the rendering.
   This tree is generated from both 2. and 3. and it
   can optionally contain references back to the original
   OpenMath Object tree.
5. The actual output in a file or in a Java Canvas.

Some notes about point 3: 
	So far I have 6 operators (image-classes). These
operator classes are the basis for the rendering. The first
question I've got is simple: "Do those operators cover about
all there is in rendering OpenMath?"

Short explanation about the operators:

Type 0 operator:
	renders the simple OpenMath constructs such

Type 1 operator:
	renders a 'vector' with begin 'symbol' and
	end symbol' and (optional) separator 'symbol'

Type 2 operator:
	renders a summation (sigma), product (pi).

Type 3 operator:
	renders a matrix.

Type 4 operator:
	renders a polynomial.

Type 5 operator:
	renders braces in a forms and shapes 
	( brace, bracket, curly-brace, intervals ).

Type 6 operator:
	renders a divide.

The second question I've got is more towards the
'stylesheet' language: "What kind of parameters
should I expect?" So far I've only specified the
general parameters like
	1. Font (size, style, color).
	2. Background
	3. Abbreviation style.

We'll be using the JAI library to do the rendering
because I supports on-demand rendering (of part)
of the display-tree, so editors can be easily 
implemented then too. So anyone interested in
editors, imaging please respond. Comments are

Sorry for this lengthy message,


Manfred Riem
Computer Science Student
Eindhoven University of Technology.

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