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Paul Libbrecht paul at math.uqam.ca
Fri Sep 24 08:23:04 CEST 1999

Please do not forget to post running examples !
Actually it seems interesting to me that the classes could also be executed
on the client-side.

A tiny comment: do not forget PNG which is much more precise than JPEG and
much richer than GIF, I should have some references to classes to encode
such from whatever Image.
Not able to comment on your structure though, being plugged at OpenMath
only as tourist till now.


À (At) 21:10 -0000 23/09/99, Manfred Riem écrivait (wrote) :
>	I'm currently involved in a project that will render
>OpenMath objects. We're thinking about the following layout
>to achieve this.
>1. OpenMath XML --> 2. OpenMath Object  |
>                                        |-> 4. DisplayTree
>                 3. OpenMath Stylesheet |       |
>                                                |
>                                         5. JPEG/GIF/Canvas
>1. The general input-layer as specified in the standard.
>2. The general abstract-layer as specified in the standard.
>3. An new 'stylesheet' language that knows about the
>   general layout of OpenMath objects. And know about
>   several operators.
>4. The actual tree that will be used to do the rendering.
>   This tree is generated from both 2. and 3. and it
>   can optionally contain references back to the original
>   OpenMath Object tree.
>5. The actual output in a file or in a Java Canvas.
>Some notes about point 3:
>	So far I have 6 operators (image-classes). These
>operator classes are the basis for the rendering. The first
>question I've got is simple: "Do those operators cover about
>all there is in rendering OpenMath?"
>Short explanation about the operators:
>Type 0 operator:
>	renders the simple OpenMath constructs such
>Type 1 operator:
>	renders a 'vector' with begin 'symbol' and
>	end symbol' and (optional) separator 'symbol'
>Type 2 operator:
>	renders a summation (sigma), product (pi).
>Type 3 operator:
>	renders a matrix.
>Type 4 operator:
>	renders a polynomial.
>Type 5 operator:
>	renders braces in a forms and shapes
>	( brace, bracket, curly-brace, intervals ).
>Type 6 operator:
>	renders a divide.
>The second question I've got is more towards the
>'stylesheet' language: "What kind of parameters
>should I expect?" So far I've only specified the
>general parameters like
>	1. Font (size, style, color).
>	2. Background
>	3. Abbreviation style.
>We'll be using the JAI library to do the rendering
>because I supports on-demand rendering (of part)
>of the display-tree, so editors can be easily
>implemented then too. So anyone interested in
>editors, imaging please respond. Comments are
>Sorry for this lengthy message,
>Manfred Riem
>Computer Science Student
>Eindhoven University of Technology.

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