[om] OpenMath and Imaging

Manfred Riem mriem at win.tue.nl
Fri Sep 24 08:31:38 CEST 1999


> Please do not forget to post running examples !

You be able to test-drive it through the web later on!

> Actually it seems interesting to me that the classes could also be executed
> on the client-side.

The classes itself don't know about a client and/or server-side. This
is transparent to them. But extension probably would need a server-side
to make it really plug-and-play.

> A tiny comment: do not forget PNG which is much more precise than JPEG and
> much richer than GIF, I should have some references to classes to encode
> such from whatever I Image.

Actually, because of the JAI engine I can encode in pretty much any format
you want and PNG is also included. The reason why I didn't include is simple,
we're gearing it towards online on-demand presentation through a browser.


Manfred Riem
Computer Science Student
Eindhoven University of Technology..

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