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Matthias Berth berth at uni-greifswald.de
Fri Sep 24 09:37:11 CEST 1999


Manfred Riem wrote:
> Hi!
>         I'm currently involved in a project that will render
> OpenMath objects. We're thinking about the following layout
> to achieve this.
> 1. OpenMath XML --> 2. OpenMath Object  |
>                                         |-> 4. DisplayTree
>                  3. OpenMath Stylesheet |       |
>                                                 |
>                                          5. JPEG/GIF/Canvas
> 1. The general input-layer as specified in the standard.
> 2. The general abstract-layer as specified in the standard.
> 3. An new 'stylesheet' language that knows about the
>    general layout of OpenMath objects. And know about
>    several operators.

For step 3, have a look at XSL (http://www.xml.com), the XML stylesheet

Furthermore, wouldnt the Display tree be quite what MathML is already? I
think that the MathML people have something quite complete for
_rendering_ mathematics. So, why shouldnt one do the representation of
mathematical objects in OpenMath and the rendering via MathML? This
would have the advantage that in step 5 you could target MathML
browsers, too. And maybe you can even reuse a Java library for the
MathML layout.

Anyway, I'd really like to use your package, no matter how "beta" it is.

best regards

Matthias Berth
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