[om] OpenMath and Imaging

Michael Kohlhase kohlhase at ags.uni-sb.de
Fri Sep 24 17:31:22 CEST 1999

I would like to second Matthias Berths statements
> > 1. OpenMath XML --> 2. OpenMath Object  |
> >                                         |-> 4. DisplayTree
> >                  3. OpenMath Stylesheet |       |
> >                                                 |
> >                                          5. JPEG/GIF/Canvas
> > 
> > 1. The general input-layer as specified in the standard.
> > 2. The general abstract-layer as specified in the standard.
> > 3. An new 'stylesheet' language that knows about the
> >    general layout of OpenMath objects. And know about
> >    several operators.
> For step 3, have a look at XSL (http://www.xml.com), the XML stylesheet
> language. 

I would be VERY interested in general OpenMath style sheets (XSL style
sheets for OpenMath that is), since I have a publishing application, where
I would like to use XSL to derive ASCII, LaTeX, HTML, MathML presentations
of the OM Objects. 

However, I am kind of sceptical that this will be easy to achieve in XSL in
a modular way: take e.g. OM applications, where most of the formatting
preferences seem to be governed by the function, e.g. infix for + but
prefix for max, mixfix for scalar product... If we want to have a general
production for OM applications, then this will not be compositional. 

Is this only me that has problems imagining such style sheets, does someone
already have them without telling us? What are all the publishers in OM


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