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Robert Miner rminer at geomtech.com
Fri Sep 24 16:24:09 CEST 1999


> Furthermore, wouldnt the Display tree be quite what MathML is already? I
> think that the MathML people have something quite complete for
> _rendering_ mathematics. So, why shouldnt one do the representation of
> mathematical objects in OpenMath and the rendering via MathML? This
> would have the advantage that in step 5 you could target MathML
> browsers, too. And maybe you can even reuse a Java library for the
> MathML layout.

Providing display for OpenMath was certainly one of our goals in
developing MathML.  The presentation part of MathML is quite powerful
and complete as you suggest, and a great deal of work has been put
into getting MathML to work with existing technologies like CSS, XSL
and most importantly, the Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.
(MathML presentation is well along in Mozilla, see
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mathml, and there is an experimental
XSL/behaviors implementation for IE.)

Finally, we offer a fairly powerful and complete MathML rendering and
editing Java class library and API available from
http://www.webeq.com.  (We just did a new, faster version!)  It is
nominally a comercial product ($29 for the API specs) but if any of
you want to do some development work with it, write me and I'll
arrange a complementary license.


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