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Matthias Berth berth at uni-greifswald.de
Mon Sep 27 10:00:44 CEST 1999

I hope that some of you will find this interesting, too. With apologies
for multiple copies...

Matthias Berth

Please forward the following announcement to anyone who might be

Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to announce the first beta release of
--- a free technical what-you-see-is-what-you-get text editor,
whose design was inspired by the popular TeX typesetting system and
the emacs editor. The main characteristics of ``TeXmacs'' are the

  1. TeXmacs is a ``structured text editor'' with special support for
     mathematical expressions.

  2. The typesetting quality of the produced documents is intended to
     be as high as possible, i.e. comparable to the quality of documents
     produced with TeX.

  3. The user interface should be as natural and powerful as possible.
     In particular, the text you see on the screen corresponds exactly
     to what you get after printing.

  4. TeXmacs comes with a typed lisp extension language.
     Like in emacs, this allows you for instance to
     redefine keyboard and menu actions.

  5. TeXmacs can also be used as an interface for computer algebra
     In particular, automatically generated mathematical formulas are
     typeset in a satisfactory way.

  6. TeXmacs is FREE SOFTWARE. More precisely,
     it falls under the GNU general public license.

Currently, TeXmacs runs on PC's under Linux and on SUN computers.
It is reasonable to expect that it will run on most Unix/X-Windows
systems in the near future. If you are interested by the program,
we invite you to download it from


We recall that this first release is a beta version,
so the program will probably not yet fulfill all your expectations.
Nevertheless, I am very interested in bug reports and suggestions.
The more reactions I get, the faster TeXmacs will evolve towards
a stable and complete program which might be useful for you.

In particular, I would appreciate designers of computer algebra
systems (and any other programs which require mathematical input
and/or output) to try to link their systems to TeXmacs.
When successful, such links may be integrated in
future releases of TeXmacs.

Sincerely yours,

Joris van der Hoeven

Joris van der Hoeven (C.N.R.S.)
Département de Mathématiques (bât. 425)
Université Paris-Sud
91405 Orsay CEDEX
email: TeXmacs at math.u-psud.fr
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