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Manfred Riem mriem at win.tue.nl
Tue Sep 28 14:14:51 CEST 1999

Vilya Harvey wrote:

> Manfred Riem wrote:
> > That's one of the things about the CSS style language. It will have to
> > include some syntax for disabling rendering of part of the parameters.
> > If that doesn't cover it I'll have to include a new operator.
> Two suggestions here:
> (1) CSS *does* have a way to stop something being rendered. The "display"
> property can be set to "none".
> (2) What you would really want to do though (I think), is have an XML file
> with the bits of presentation & layout information specific to your
> renderer (probably one of these for each OpenMath CD) and have that file
> reference a CSS stylesheet to get the remaining style information.
> > > the features you would need. Surely the AWT, possibly with some of
> > > the Java 1.2 extensions (java.awt.font, java.awt.geom, etc.), or
> > > Swing is more appropriate?
> >
> > Well, for one. The JAI library supplies me with exporting capabilities
> > in an orderly manner. Second, I can do on-the-fly imaging with it, so I
> > can change a part of the render-tree on-the-fly. And for complex
> > equations this makes my life in programming the editor easier. Also
> > remote rendering could be done too. And the style language can be
> > implemented through the parameter class specified with JAI-images.
> They sound like good reasons. You obviously know a lot more about the JAI
> than I do, so I think I'll trust your judgement. (I've jut started having
> a more-than-cursory look through the API documentation; it looks quite
> impressive.) I take it there's no requirement for the final program to be
> usable as an applet?

Well, actually it could be used as an applet, by using the JRE 1.2 for
Other platforms will not work in the general sense. For other platforms we've
to think
it through how we're going to make it work. Maybe by using the servlet
mechanism and sessions. The applet would have to work by sending commands
and receiving replies for these platforms (I don't know if we'll implement
this though).


Manfred Riem
Computer Science Student
Eindhoven University of Technology

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