[om] OpenMath and Imaging

Richard Fateman fateman at uclink.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 28 16:30:38 CEST 1999

This discussion seems to be concentrating on the part
of the problem that is relatively trivial because it
assumes all rendering problems are local: if you get
the right rendition of a Greek letter, you are happy.

There are undoubtedly many solutions to this.

Why don't you solve the harder problems, for

How does one deal with "expression too wide to be displayed"?

This actually requires some thought.  For example,

is this right?

A possible display rips expressions that are too wide
like this...

a+b+c+ %
------ %
r+s+t+ %

% +e+f+g
% -----
% +u+v+w

But this is not conventional. and there are many
alternatives including

There is also a claim that MathML is all one needs.
What does MathML specify? My understanding is that
this is not solved. 
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