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David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Tue Sep 28 17:03:56 CEST 1999

> What does MathML specify?  

It specifies the text below.
I doubt whether any MathMl renderer supports all these though.


overflow="scroll|elide|truncate|scale" In cases where size negotiation
is not possible or fails (for example in the case of an extremely long
equation), this attribute is provided to suggest an alternative
processing method to the renderer.

   scroll The window provides a viewport into the larger complete
      display of the mathematical expression. Horizontal or vertical
      scrollbars are added to the window as necessary to allow the
      viewport to be moved to a different position.

   elide The display is abbreviated by removing enough of it so that the
      remainder fits into the window.  For example, a large polynomial
      might have the first and last terms displayed with "+ ... +"
      between them. Advanced renderers may provide a facility to zoom in
      on elided areas.

   truncate The display is abbreviated by simply truncating it at the
      right and bottom borders. It is recommended that some indication
      of truncation is made to the viewer.

   scale The fonts used to display the mathematical expression are
      chosen so that the full expression fits in the window. Note that
      this only happens if the expression is too large. In the case of a
      window larger than necessary, the expression is shown at its
      normal size within the larger window.
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