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Vilya Harvey vilya at nag.co.uk
Tue Sep 28 17:22:26 CEST 1999

Richard Fateman wrote:
> This discussion seems to be concentrating on the part
> of the problem that is relatively trivial because it
> assumes all rendering problems are local: if you get
> the right rendition of a Greek letter, you are happy.

This is simply because the trivialities need to be dealt with before the
larger issues can be tackled: you need to be able to get a line on screen
before you can break it up to fit into the available space there.

> Why don't you solve the harder problems,<snip>

It's a case of being able to walk before attempting to run, I believe. Or
perhaps Manfred has already solved all of these harder programs and now
just wants to implement his solutions... :-)

> How does one deal with "expression too wide to be displayed"?

This is certainly an interesting problem, and I would hope that allowance
for it has been (or will be) made in the design of the program.

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