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Ka-Ping Yee ping at lfw.org
Tue Sep 28 18:31:39 CEST 1999

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Vilya Harvey wrote:
> > Why don't you solve the harder problems,<snip>
> It's a case of being able to walk before attempting to run, I believe.

I agree with Robert.  MINSE already solved most of the easy problems
three years ago, including ones that MathML still fails to solve.
Here is one simple example: write

    5 < x <= 10

in MathML.  Use correct semantics, please -- simply putting the six
symbols '5', '<', 'x', '<=', '1', '0' next to each other is cheating.
Get back to me when you figure out how to do this.

MINSE for the above:
    5 < x <= 10

Gee... complicated, isn't it?  :)

These problems can be solved more elegantly than they were in MINSE,
but nevertheless MINSE *works*.  You can write MINSE directly in your
HTML documents, and any user of any browser can see reasonably nice
renderings without installing any software.  One click is enough.
Now explain how you're going to get a random user to see MathML in
their favourite browser...

So i was chicken and completely avoided tougher problems like line
breaking.  Hey, forgive me, i was only an undergrad.  It would be cool
to see some progress there.

-- ?!ng

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