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Manfred Kerber M.Kerber at cs.bham.ac.uk
Mon Apr 10 18:01:24 CEST 2000

                  Symposium on the Integration of
             Symbolic Computation and Mechanized Reasoning
                            6-7 August 2000
                          St Andrews, Scotland
                      (collocated with ISSAC 2000)



Both deduction systems and computer algebra systems are receiving
growing attention from industry and academia. On the one hand,
mathematical software systems have been commercially very
successful. Their use is now wide-spread in industry, education, and
scientific contexts. On the other hand, the use of formal methods in
hardware and software development has made deduction systems
indispensable not least because of the complexity and sheer size of
the reasoning tasks involved.  As many application domains fall
outside the scope of existing deduction systems and computer algebra
systems, there is still need for improvement and in particular need
for the integration of computer algebra and deduction systems.

The symposium is intended for researchers and developers interested in
combining the reasoning capabilities of deduction systems and the
computational power of computer algebra systems.


Topics of interest for the symposium include all aspects related to the
combination of deduction systems and computer algebra systems. We
explicitly encourage submissions of results from applications and case
studies where such integration results are particularly important.


The symposium will feature invited talks, contributed presentations
with ample time for discussion, and a panel session.

Consistent with the tradition of the symposium as a lively forum for
discussing controversial ideas, we expect and encourage contributed
talks to present work in progress, rather than polished final results.


- Henk Barendregt, U. Nijmegen, Mathematics and Computer Science
- Arjeh Cohen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Dept. Math. 
- Gaston Gonnet, ETH Z"urich, Institute for Scientific Computation


Authors are invited to submit papers in the following categories: 

- Full papers up to 15 pages describing original results not
  published elsewhere.
- System descriptions of up to 5 pages describing new systems or
  significant upgrades of existing ones, especially including

Authors of accepted full papers and system descriptions are expected
to present their contribution at the symposium. Authors of system
descriptions are expected to demonstrate their systems.

The symposium will have published proceedings with A K Peters
Publishers.  Submissions details can be found at


Submission deadline:		  15 April  2000
Notification of acceptance:	  22 May    2000
Final versions for proceedings:	   5 June   2000
Symposium:                       6-7 August 2000
ISSAC:                           7-9 August 2000


 Manfred Kerber,   U. Birmingham,   <M.Kerber at cs.bham.ac.uk>
 Michael Kohlhase, U. Saarbr"ucken, <kohlhase at cs.uni-sb.de>


 Steve Linton,     St. Andrews U.   <sal at dcs.st-and.ac.uk>


 Alessandro Armando, U. Genova
 Michael Beeson, San Jose State U.
 Manuel Bronstein, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
 Bruno Buchberger, RISC, Linz
 Jaques Calmet, U. Karlsruhe
 Olga Caprotti, TU. Eindhoven
 Edmund Clarke, CMU
 Fausto Giunchiglia, IRST
 Therese Hardin, Paris VI
 John Harrison, Intel Corp.
 Tudor Jebelean, RISC, Linz
 Helene Kirchner, Nancy LORIA/INRIA
 Deepak Kapur, U. New Mexico, Albuquerque
 Steve Linton, St. Andrews U.
 Ursula Martin, St. Andrews U.
 Julian Richardson, U. Edinburgh
 J"org Siekmann, U. Saarbr"ucken
 Carolyn Talcott, Stanford U.
 Andrzej Trybulec, U. Bialystok

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