[om] XML Namespace for OpenMath

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 11:28:32 CET 2000

> is there a reason for not using simply http://www.openmath.org, since
> that URI essentially "defines" OpenMath?

that is probably the logical result of my argument, however sometimes
practicalities interfere with logical argument:-)

As you say, we may want to have other namespaces (for CDs for example,
although they could be in the openmath namespace technically speaking, I
keep changing my mind about that:-) Also longer term the society might
want to host namespaces for `larger' documents than just individual
openmath expressions. (The omdoc work being an interesting proposal
along these lines)

Then there is always the fear that one day someone will mandate
that there has to be something at the end of the namespace URL
(just because it is there, people will keep suggesting something:
early schema drafts suggested the schema text should be there)
you can keep arguing against that but who knows what will happen long
term. So not committing to the existing top level of the web server tree
does give room for a bit of flexibility later, if need be.

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