[om] XML Namespace for OpenMath

Bruce Miller bruce.miller at nist.gov
Tue Jan 25 17:31:09 CET 2000

David Carlisle wrote:
> I think that it is important that OpenMath does have a namespace and I
> suggest [...]

I strongly agree.

> http://www.openmath.org/OpenMath
> as the URI. Note that it is not required that anything be at that URL,

Just a minor question to clarify in my mind that this is the
best URI to use --- and that www.openmath.org remain sensibly
organized as a web site, as well :

If anything were eventually needed at that URI, what would it be?
How are later versions coped with?  Why /OpenMath ? (vs. /DTD 
vs. /Namespace, or whatever) Or is this naming already conventional?

> it is just required that the nominal owner (ie the OpenMath Society in
> this case) agree that that is to be the namespace.

I think this is the right thing to do.
Bruce Miller (from home)

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