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Bruce Virga BruceV at mathtype.com
Mon Oct 16 20:52:18 CEST 2000

Design Science is happy to announce new products for authoring and
displaying math on the Web. Details are in the press release on the MathType
Web site: <http://www.mathtype.com/company/press/releases/default.stm>. The
text version is included below.

Bruce Virga
VP, Sales & Marketing
Design Science, Inc.
brucev at mathtype.com

For Immediate Release
New Math on the Web Products Announced

Long Beach, CA, - October 12, 2000 - Design Science, Inc., the developer of
WebEQ, MathType and the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, announced that
they are introducing new products for authoring and displaying math on the
Web. MathPlayer, MathPage and a new version of WebEQ will be demonstrated
during the MathML International Conference 2000, being held October 20 & 21
in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois <http://www.mathmlconference.org/>. The
shipping dates have not been announced. 

About MathPlayer
MathPlayer is plug-in software for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 that
enables it to display MathML in Web pages. "MathPlayer will finally bring
MathML to the masses, enabling scientists, engineers, educators and students
to communicate math more effectively on the Web," said Paul R. Topping,
President of Design Science. The company intends to make MathPlayer
available free on its Web site.

About MathPage
MathPage saves Microsoft Word documents as Web pages, and converts MathType
or Equation Editor equations to MathML code or GIF images that are properly
baselined, print nicely, have cross-browser support and additional features
that will be demonstrated at the MathML Conference. "Since 75% of the
world's scientific and technical documents are Microsoft Word documents with
Equation Editor and MathType equations, it's very important that our users
have a way to present those documents on the Web. We're delighted to
introduce a product that will enable our users to effortlessly convert their
existing documents to Web documents, with superior results," said Peter
Cooper, Director of Engineering for Design Science. MathPage is currently in
beta and will soon be released as part of the next MathType upgrade.

About WebEQ
Design Science recently acquired WebEQ to expand its product line into
dynamic math. WebEQ is a complete suite of tools for building dynamic math
Web pages. It includes the WebEQ Equation Editor and Page Wizard for
authoring MathML, a scriptable Math Viewer applet for displaying dynamic
math in Web pages, an Equation Input Control for entering math expressions
into Web forms, and a command-line version of the Page Wizard that can be
used from CGI scripts or other server software to process MathML for a wide
range of dynamic math Web applications. The next release of WebEQ will
include state-of-the-art content MathML authoring and processing
capabilities, new programming and interactivity features, and greatly
improved and simplified MathML editing.

"Right now WebEQ is a developer's tool for putting dynamic math on the Web.
We're expanding its functionality to make it a more powerful Web development
tool and then we plan to improve the user interface so that anyone, not just
people with programming backgrounds, can build dynamic math Web pages," said
Dr. Robert Miner, Director of New Product Development for Design Science.
"In the meantime, our MathType product is the de facto standard for
publishing math pages in print and on the Web. The plan is to have all our
customers use all of our products and expand the user base through
innovation," said Miner.

About Design Science, Inc.
Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Design Science,
Inc. develops software for publishing mathematical notation in print and
Web-based technical documents and for building Web pages with dynamic math. 


Bruce Virga
VP, Sales & Marketing
brucev at mathtype.com
Design Science, Inc.
4028 Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803, USA
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