[om] a developer's perspective on CDs

Andrew Solomon andrew at illywhacker.net
Sun Oct 29 02:20:10 CEST 2000

David Carlisle wrote:

> You seem to be under the misapprehension that the CDs are not available
> publicly. Apart from some improved examples, and editorial improvements
> suggested as part of the reviewing process, which will be made available
> as soon as they are incorporated, the CDs at openmath.org are the full
> and current set of CDs produced by the esprit project, and others are
> welcome to submit some more.

Thanks David,

In that case, as I said, it would be nice to have explicit instructions
on how to submit a CD *not* for refereeing, but just for discussion. See also 
my mail in response to Manfred Reim regarding RFCs for CDs.


p.s I did eventually find a link to the CDs off the pages. The only one that worked was
under "what's new". The others all wound up at the pages at NAG containing the 

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