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David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Wed Jan 24 13:22:16 CET 2001

> Note however that huge URLs are getting more and more popular as the web
> evolves towards rich applications. 

I see URLs that have form fields etc, but I've never seen the type of
URI that you'd be generating from megabytes (or even kilobytes) of OM

The problem of associating applications to XML vocabularies is general
and shouldn't be solved just for one vocabulary at a time.
If I have an XML file that includes OpenMath, SVG, MathML, XHTML, etc
then I want the browser to do "the right thing" on each fragment: keying
off the namespaces used. I don't want to have to encrypt parts into
URI encoded strings and hide them in attributes on linking elements.

>  it would need each open-math-object to be individually reachable (by
>  a request like protocol).  

not necessarily, you could use the standard data: URI scheme
as in data:application/openmath+xml,stuff-here
data is supported in netscape, but unfortunately not yet in IE (last
time I checked)

Try the URI 


in a netscape location box, compare with


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