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Arjeh Cohen amc at win.tue.nl
Tue May 29 09:58:50 CEST 2001

At the last OM Society meeting in St Andrews,
we mentioned some important CDs that should become
official as soon as the Core CDs are.

It is time now to concentrate on them.
Given the discussions about creation of CDs,
I think the most important issue is that one person
be held responsible per CD (group).

I know that Bill Naylor is working on the special functions
CD. Since the AMS55 (Abraham/Stegun) on line project is making
good progress, and since editors involved are perfectly
willing to align with OpenMath, but not doing the work,
it seems to make good sense to contact the editors,
e.g. Ron Boisvelt.
Indeed, a CD that can be demonstrated by means of a phrasebook
is much easier to check than one without. We at Eindhoven
are quite interested in extending our Mathematica Phrasebook
with such a CD.

As for the polynomial CD, the group CD, the algebra (rings and algebras) CD,
etc., I have no clue as to who is active on this area right now.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Using this mailing list, I think we can try and work out a procedure
by just building up experience.

(I will be out of touch for three weeks)

Best regards, Arjeh M. Cohen
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