[om] another OM application

Mike Dewar miked at nag.co.uk
Wed May 30 12:07:36 CEST 2001

> 1. I wish to announce another OpenMath product:
> see http://dev.camel.math.ca/hasse 
> - an internet service for plotting hasse diagrams in 3d 
> which is callable from Maple and GAP.
I'll add a pointer to this to the web site as soon as I can get to
it (there seem to be network problems at the moment).
> 2. I hope the discussion of how to make new CDs and symbols has
> not died.
Me too!

I agree with Andrew that this list is a good forum in which to discuss
new symbols and share ideas about the organisation of CDs.  Equally there
may be other places more suited to more specialist discussions (like 
somebody else who commented, I'm also ignorent about Hasse diagrams) but if
information isn't shared within the OpenMath community then its impossible
to coordinate things.

James Davenport and David Carlisle have both "volunteered" to coordinate
both the editing and maintenance of CDs and if all goes according to plan
there will shortly be EU support for this on a modest scale.  In the meantime
I would welcome discussion about ideas for new CDs or symbols on this list.
After all, its not as if its particularly high volume at present.

Please note that the polynomial, group theory, algebraic structures,
combinatorics and linear algebra CDs which are not yet official are all 
available from the web site (go to the CD page and click on the `extra' 
view).  Comments and suggestions would be welcome.

Regards, Mike.

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