[om] Newbie questions on the meaning of the Attribution Element

sal at dcs.st-and.ac.uk sal at dcs.st-and.ac.uk
Mon Jan 13 00:08:20 CET 2003

I think Richard misses many uses of attribution:

1. to include reproducible, but perhaps expensive to 
compute information derived from the object. Eg the size of a group given by 
generating permutations, or a factorization of a polynomial or a proof of 
primality of a number or....

So one would read this as: "the object is XXXX but you may also like to know 
some things about it"

Type information falls into this category.

2. to include history, copyright, origin and other non-mathematical 
information: "the object is XXXX and was constructed by Steve Linton on Jan 
12th 2003, using data from this and that source...." or "the answer is 42 [object] 
and it took 5 million years to compute at a cost to your grid account of 
$XXXXX [ annotations]"

3. for non-mathematical control information. One option for a designer of an 
OM service is to accept objects annotated with a description of what the user 
wants done to them. There are other options. but this is one.

4. To qualify an object. "the value is 1.00000 with a systematic error of +- 
0.01 and a statistical error of +- 0.03". Or "the answer is 42, but I computed 
it using a Monte Carlo algorithm with error probability 10^-9"

Annotation symbols need to be agreed between producers and consumers, just 
like any other symbols, but those who do not understand them may ignore them 
and retain the core meaning.

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