[om] XML Schema version of OpenMath?

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 10:57:17 CET 2003

> you can see it 
> at http://www.risc.uni-linz.ac.at/people/ocaprott/openmath/).  Will 
> this be the direction that OpenMath will take? 

Most (or many, or some, depending on how you count) OpenMath
applications don't validate the incoming XML using either a schema or
a DTD (often there is no point as the application must anyway do
stricter checking in order to make sure the thing makes sense

> I ask because it would greatly simplify my program design if I were
> able to use Schemata and namespaces in the program I am designing.

So I don't think that having a W3C schema really changes much, it's just
another optional thing you can use to check your input (or output). Even
if using DTD it's best to use the OpenMath namespace of
http://www.openmath.org/OpenMath when using Namespace aware XML
tools. However we will probably make that more official at some point and
move it from the test site into some more authoratitive location at

> Olga, I did notice on your page that you said that it is not possible 
> to completely specify OpenMath using XML Schema.  What would need to 
> change for  that to happen?

The Schema can specify a few more things than the DTD, in particular the
regular expression constraints on the content of cetrtain elements and
attributes, however there are many constraints that it can not specify,
such as

  an OMF must have exactly one  dec attribute or hex attribute.

(A Relax NG schema or a schematron schema could specify this)


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