[om] Re: Bugs in OpenMath standard draft 3

Michael Kohlhase m.kohlhase at iu-bremen.de
Tue Nov 25 20:35:47 CET 2003

I support the suggestion of having FMPs only take (single) OM objects.

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David Carlisle wrote:
>   FMP = element FMP { text-or-om }
>   surely a textual FMP is not very formal, I would have thought this shouldb
> Yes I think this is just historical and could change for OM2, that FMPs
> originallly took anything, but for some time I think they have only
> really been used with Openmath. This would be a change from OM1 though
> so not something I could do as an "editorial fix".
>     CDStatus = element {"official" | "experimental" | "private" | "obsolete"}
>    and
>    Role = element {"binder" | "attribution" | "semantic-attribution" |
>   "error" | "default"}
> Excellent suggestion. Of course this possibility of constraining element
> content wasn't available in DTD, but since we've switched to Relax, we
> may as well use its features!
> David
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