[om] Naming convention of CDs

Clare So clare at scl.csd.uwo.ca
Mon Oct 18 07:06:13 CEST 2004

Hi Mike,

Section 2.3 of the standard explains what is allowed in names.  It does
not entail what the naming conventing is.  I do not have a strong 
opinion on establishing a compulsory naming convention, but a clear
guideline should help authors and users to create and use CDs efficiently.
For example, one can search for existing CDs and OMS efficiently by not
have to guess the naming convention (ie. "BesselJ" VS "bessel_j" VS 


* Mike Dewar <miked at nag.co.uk> [2004-10-14 14:15] wrote:
>  Hi Clare,
>  There is some advice given in section 2.3 of the standard.  Personally
>  I prefer to use underscores to split words but its not a very strong
>  opinion.
>  Mike.
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