[Om] prefix syntax specified?

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Fri Jun 13 09:32:32 CEST 2008

Dear OpenMathers,

do you know if the prefix syntax is specified ?
Has there been tool that can proces it up and down?

To me it looks like an ideal development tool to study the advantages  
of OpenMath encoding but there seems to be no complete support for it  
and a tool for the translation would really help, I feel.

(ie. one that would convert OM to prefix-syntax-with-links-to-symbols  
(the xslt does it already), and one that would accept prefix-syntax- 
input (configured for the names) and outputs openmath).

It's all pretty simple... so I was expecting it was done and, further,  
it was standardized.

thanks in advance

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