[Om] Ontology for OpenMath CDs, SWiM as a CD editor

Christoph LANGE ch.lange at jacobs-university.de
Fri Jun 13 22:31:46 CEST 2008

Dear OpenMath developers,

  now it looks like there's an result of all these questions I asked you over
the last few months.  (Thanks for patiently answering them!)  Here is some
news, some questions, and some proposals concerning the OpenMath CD ontology
and the semantic wiki and CD editor SWiM.

Have a look into
for the current state of the ontology I modeled for OpenMath 2 CDs. The *.n3
file is human-friendly, the *.owl file generated from that is
machine-friendly. It covers most of the OpenMath 2 CD language, plus notation

The basic idea is to abstract a bit from the CD XML syntax and to make a bit
more of the semantics explicit than a RELAX NG schema can do. (E.g. that the
SignatureDictionary/@type attribute is not just a string or URIRef or
whatever, but in fact a link to a CD.)

Thus, I think it might be nice to have this as a part of the OpenMath
distribution. Not as an official part of the standard, as it doesn't do much
except formally modeling things that are stated in the standard anyway, but as
some complement to the other files intended for usage in OpenMath-aware
applications, like the RELAX NG schema, or the XSLTs. What do you think about
this? Or, more concretely: Where may I check it into the OpenMath svn? (Maybe
in a directory named "ontology", or "owl"?) Do we want/need versions of it for
OpenMath 2 and 3, separately, all-in-one, …?

This ontology is used to support browsing and editing throughout SWiM
(http://kwarc.info/projects/swim/, demo at http://swim.kwarc.info), which has
recently made a step further towards OpenMath CD editing. Importing and
exporting OpenMath 2 CDs now works. I should coordinate an update of the
ontology and SWiM editing support to the preliminary state of OpenMath 3,
which I have not yet dared to do. There is also a visual formula editor
integrated, which does not yet support full OpenMath 2, but all the standard
CDs of the MathML group; I'm considering to temporarily fall back to my
previous kind-of-abstract syntax the rest and for a _full_ coverage of
OpenMath. Together with Alberto González Palomo I have submitted a MathUI
paper on that, so I might be able to give you a live demo of that soon. (Note
that this mail is not meant to interfere with the ongoing MathUI review. I
would like to do this OpenMath CD case study in any case, as one important
project within my Ph.D. thesis.)

What I'm now asking for is: What would you consider the right time and
procedure to deploy SWiM as an editor/browser for the official OpenMath CDs? I
mean that it would be available to any visitor or user as a browsing
alternative (not replacement!) to the CD HTML pages on openmath.org, and that
I would try to meet the needs of those of us who will edit and maintain the
official CDs to support their workflows (recall the 3rd JEM Workshop in



Christoph Lange, DERI Galway/Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange

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