[Om] OpenMath wiki for CD editors

Christoph LANGE ch.lange at jacobs-university.de
Thu Sep 4 02:52:57 CEST 2008

Dear OpenMath CD editors,

  as I said before, the wiki at http://wiki.openmath.org is not yet ready for
editing, but tomorrow (no, today, Thursday ;-) I hope it to be.  The remaining
problem is that the metadata are not properly imported and exported from/to
the svn, but that should not be too hard for me to fix.

There are other bugs I know of; see
http://wiki.openmath.org/index.jsp?title=troubleshooting.  If you notice any
other problems, please file a ticket in the Wiki component of the OpenMath 3
Trac and try to report the time when you encountered trouble, so I can check
the server logs.

You can already create user accounts now, and I will then put you into the
wiki user group "CD editors", which means that you can edit the entry page and
all CD-related pages.  Note that the wiki does not (yet?) directly use the svn
accounts.  Paul gave me some hints, but I do not yet now how easy or hard it
will be to implement.  Currently, any edit would be committed via my svn
account, which is hard-coded in the wiki database, but from the log message it
will be clear what wiki user actually edited.  It is technically possible to
assign an svn account to every wiki user, so each of you could have your own,
but for that I'd need to know your passwords, so let's not do it right now.

I also encourage you to try the discussion pages.  The wiki discussions are
based on an argumentation ontology with domain-specific extensions (none yet
for OpenMath, but I'm working on that), so if there is any discussion about a
CD or a symbol, I think we should try to have it there, as it makes the work
more focused.

Currently, the old OpenMath 2 official CDs are accessible by SWiM.  Which ones
would we rather like to be accessible?  Something from OpenMath 3?  (Note that
we can have both versions at once in the wiki, but symbols in formulas would
be linked to one version of the CDs only.  And the formula editor currently
has a hard-coded palette anyway, but there is a hard, manual way for editing
formulas, too.)  

In OpenMath 3, there is a subdirectory MathML (which doesn't sound too much
like OpenMath), and an almost empty one named Official.  Is there any copy of
"OpenMath 3" CDs that we want in the wiki?  Where we actually want to work on,
using the wiki?  Note that the *.ocd files in OpenMath3/cd/MathML contain lots
of new syntax, which neither SWiM nor I do understand yet, so you (Michael,
Paul, David, …?) would have to introduce it to me first so I can implement it.
Supporting new syntax is easy for me, at least in a way where nothing gets
lost during editing in SWiM, so I'd even volunteer for implementing
experimental syntax that we later abolish.

Another important note:  Due to the very nature of SWiM being an XML
application, the exact text layout of the OpenMath CDs will be destroyed once
they have been edited in the wiki.  If you insist on certain namespacing or
whitespace conventions that make the XML sources easier to read, I could write
such an XSLT (or, @David, maybe you already have one?) and apply it before
committing a file.

Christoph Lange, DERI Galway/Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange

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