[Om] OpenMath wiki: permissions for CD editors and others

Jan Willem Knopper jwk at stack.nl
Fri Sep 5 10:09:03 CEST 2008

Christoph Lange wrote:
> Dear Chris, Jan Willem, Jakob, all,
>   thanks for registering in the OpenMath wiki.  I have just added you to the
> "CD editors" group.  Please do not yet edit pages, but you can already post
> discussion comments, e.g. about CDs.

I've tried to add a comment but somehow it didn't work. I got the
following error:

formnew_post is not defined
formnew_post.ikewikiShow(); discuss.js (line 35)

The comment I wanted to post:

When displaying set1.union and set1.intersect, they have a closing
bracket '(' which might not be what was intended.


Jan Willem
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