[Om] links from CD pages

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Wed Dec 16 13:24:54 CET 2009

Le 16-déc.-09 à 12:31, David Carlisle a écrit :

> well the description fields are plain text but you could (like some
> email programs) automagically recognise http:.... in the text and  
> make it
> an active link in the html view, or you could have a convention of  
> using
> a wiki markup (to be specified) for links and other markup within the
> text or ...

Recognizing URL-patterns should be enough.
I'm afraid XSLT can't though.

> However for the official cds should avoid changing the OCD
> files wherever possible since they are reviewed archival
> documents. However for the kind of links Paul mentioned giving links  
> to
> specific sofware systems that support particular cds or symbols, that
> could be maintained in some external xml file or database and dropped
> into the presentation without changing the OCD file.

All these links should be provided by the presentation system and not  
the ocd files, absolutely!
I'll try to have a look at Christoph's CD, or maybe Christoph you want  
to "submit a patch" (say what you want to change simply?) so that I or  
David reviews it and it is put in?


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