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David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Wed Dec 16 12:31:15 CET 2009

> I hope that will be easy.  As I said, I have already done that for the
> OpenMath/MathML 3 CDs, I would just need to know where cd2html.xsl is in the
> svn, and how the *.xhtml files for the OpenMath 2 CDs are generated.

the stylesheets are all in 


or equivalently in svn at http://svn.openmath.org/www/cdfiles2/xsl

If updates happen in svn, then Paul's scripts regenerate and move files into
the public website at some schedule (which I don't remember, hourly possibly?)

Note if you do add links to SWIM, could you update the swim versions to
match the updates made to the official cds after the OpenMath Workshop
in Canada this july.


has the new oriented_interval symbol which isn't reflected in the wiki.


(If we do add links to that by default, it would be good to make them
work in IE, currently I get scripting errors, which is probably IE's
fault, but still....)

>   And there is no straightforward way of adding
> links from CDs to somewhere, which would appear in the references box.  For
> normal wiki pages this would easily be possible using the "annotate" view, but
> for OpenMath CDs it is not, as for them all information in the "references"
> tree is generated from the *.ocd XML markup, which does not allow for such
> arbitrary links.  (Maybe it should?)

well the description fields are plain text but you could (like some
email programs) automagically recognise http:.... in the text and make it
an active link in the html view, or you could have a convention of using
a wiki markup (to be specified) for links and other markup within the
text or ... However for the official cds should avoid changing the OCD
files wherever possible since they are reviewed archival
documents. However for the kind of links Paul mentioned giving links to
specific sofware systems that support particular cds or symbols, that
could be maintained in some external xml file or database and dropped
into the presentation without changing the OCD file.


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