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Christoph LANGE ch.lange at jacobs-university.de
Wed Dec 16 01:10:29 CET 2009

Hi Paul, hi all,

2009-12-14 14:19 Paul Libbrecht <paul at activemath.org>:
> as Christoph hinted: many links from CDs to places that talk about the
> symbols are wished. I've always wished to do this in a powerful way,
> with reliable and not-so-reliable source intertwined (even based on
> trackback or google reverse-link) but well, it didn't happen.
> Maybe we can start small:

I agree, let's start small as long we can achieve small improvements at a low
investment, and then let's see how it takes off.

> - Christoph suggests to link each CD presentation to the SWIM wiki-
> page for that CD

I hope that will be easy.  As I said, I have already done that for the
OpenMath/MathML 3 CDs, I would just need to know where cd2html.xsl is in the
svn, and how the *.xhtml files for the OpenMath 2 CDs are generated.  So much
for a "very small" approach.  Next we can talk about making those links from
the XSLT more generic, i.e. not just linking to the wiki, but also elsewhere.

> - he also suggests to link to a page of the notation-census for it
> - we could certainly link to into MathML3 chapter 4 and maybe also to
> MathML3 testsuite elements?
> I would wish more links towards implementations:
> - a flag "supported in this computer-algebra-system" would be lovely.
> Can SCIenCE guys help there? (e.g. can we simply maintain an XML
> implementation matrix?)
> - we could make links to search for the symbol occurrences in some
> ActiveMath servers or some other semantic-search servers (mathweb-
> search I suppose) (maybe depending on the CD-groups we're in?)

I agree to all of these ideas.  With a few hard-coded types of relations, it
would be feasible to maintain all them in an XML file, which the XSLT uses.

I would have loved to tell you that the SWiM wiki makes such things easy, but
unfortunately some more work would have to be done for such a feature.  One
can fairly easily define arbitrary new link types in the wiki.  If you go to
http://wiki.openmath.org/?title=cd%3Aarith1 and then open the metadata tab,
you will see that I added the custom information that that CD is supported by

The fields in the "metadata" table are all one-valued, but the links in the
"references" navigation tree on the right are multi-valued, so one could have
a links e.g. to all ActiveMath occurrences of a symbol there, or to its
notation census page.  But the current problem is that the system treats all
links as wiki-internal, so I would have to teach it that certain links point
to targets outside of the wiki.  And there is no straightforward way of adding
links from CDs to somewhere, which would appear in the references box.  For
normal wiki pages this would easily be possible using the "annotate" view, but
for OpenMath CDs it is not, as for them all information in the "references"
tree is generated from the *.ocd XML markup, which does not allow for such
arbitrary links.  (Maybe it should?)



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, Skype duke4701
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