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Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Mon Dec 14 14:19:10 CET 2009

Hello OpenMath-aficionados,

as Christoph hinted: many links from CDs to places that talk about the  
symbols are wished. I've always wished to do this in a powerful way,  
with reliable and not-so-reliable source intertwined (even based on  
trackback or google reverse-link) but well, it didn't happen.

Maybe we can start small:

- Christoph suggests to link each CD presentation to the SWIM wiki- 
page for that CD
- he also suggests to link to a page of the notation-census for it
- we could certainly link to into MathML3 chapter 4 and maybe also to  
MathML3 testsuite elements?

I would wish more links towards implementations:
- a flag "supported in this computer-algebra-system" would be lovely.  
Can SCIenCE guys help there? (e.g. can we simply maintain an XML  
implementation matrix?)
- we could make links to search for the symbol occurrences in some  
ActiveMath servers or some other semantic-search servers (mathweb- 
search I suppose) (maybe depending on the CD-groups we're in?)

opinions wished

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