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Dear Andrew,

the reason is probably that the CDs are the product of multiple authors over
an exteded period of time. You are right that this is an inconvenient
inconsistency, but the OpenMath CD managment rules prevent us from just
fixing this. So I am afraid that we have to live with this.

But the situation is less bad than it may seem at first glance. The OpenMath
symbol names are not intended for end user visualization in any case. So any
visulalization style sheet (or our notation-definition visualization scheme)
can choose their own user-visible notation.


2009/12/17 Andrew Robbins <andjrob at gmail.com>

> I have a question regarding the consistency of ring1 and field1 OM
> content dictionaries. In ring1 the unary_minus is called "negation"
> which is consistent with the other operations in rings because it ends
> in "-ation", but in field1 the unary_minus is called "minus". Is there a
> reason for this?
> Regards,
> Andrew Robbins
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