[Om] svn.openmath.org down

Christoph LANGE ch.lange at jacobs-university.de
Fri Feb 27 23:30:33 CET 2009

Hi Paul,

On Friday 27 February 2009 23:14:09 Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> this is unfortunate indeed and has been such since Monday 16:00 where,
> it seems, the repository has crashed. Actually that crash has caused a
> flurry of other crashes where the Apache serving this and many other
> services (including www.openmath.org) ran out of connections.


> Could you look at the SWiM history to see if anything happened on
> Monday 16:00 CET?

You mean Monday 23rd?  Nothing unusual there.  Currently, the OpenMath wiki
only makes connections to the svn when somebody is logged in whose svn account
I configured in the SWiM database, i.e. one of us, but on that day no such
person was logged in.

> Michael, at the trac history?

How would the Trac be related to the OpenMath server?  We're not able to link
it to the OpenMath svn repository, as that only works on filesystem level if
both Trac and svn are on the same machine.

> Could any of these systems be the cause of extremely long http
> connections?

What I know is that our servers were generally quite unstable this week, as
some hardware maintenance was done and not all systems (e.g. MathWebSearch)
recovered immediately from the reboots.  But I'm not sure if that is related.



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, Skype duke4701

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