[Om] OMR xref vs href

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Thu Jan 29 14:06:33 CET 2009

Strange. I just spotted the same error (more or less) in the draft
MathML3 spec last night, but didn't check that the error originated in
the OM spec, where it has been unreported for some years.

> One could deduce from the standard that xref could/should/must point to 
> a local id, and href could/should/must be a URI,

That does influence the choice of attribute names in the OM design, but
I think what happened here was that during the course of the OM2
development OMR changed from taking an IDREF to URI, and so the
attribute changed from xref to href. The text and schema reflect that,
but the examples do not (and are not valid).

Embarassingly this means that the examples in the OM2 spec could not
have been validated at the time, sorry about that.

I think xref="foo" should be href="#foo".


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