[Om] OMR xref vs href

Dan Roozemond d.a.roozemond at tue.nl
Thu Jan 29 17:32:54 CET 2009

Dear David,

David Carlisle wrote:
> [...] That does influence the choice of attribute names in the OM
> design, but I think what happened here was that during the course of
> the OM2 development OMR changed from taking an IDREF to URI, and so
> the attribute changed from xref to href. The text and schema reflect
> that, but the examples do not (and are not valid).
> Embarassingly this means that the examples in the OM2 spec could not 
> have been validated at the time, sorry about that.
> I think xref="foo" should be href="#foo".

Thanks for the quick response, we will just restrict ourselves to using 
hrefs, then.


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