[Om] Multistep "equation" symbol?

Bryce L Nordgren bnordgren at fs.fed.us
Mon May 11 20:57:41 CEST 2009

om-bounces at openmath.org wrote on 05/11/2009 07:37:38 AM:

> Is there an established OM symbol for "multistep equations" (see 
> example below)? If not, would it make sense as part of some official 
> content dictionary?

DITA has semantics for the more general "multistep processes" via the 
"task" topic.  If you have a nice, self-contained derivation, this would 
be an appropriate vehicle to express it.  (e.g., the "derivation" topic 
could be a specialization of "task").  It does not have 
out-of-the-box-support for Openmath, but it is designed to be extended. 
Adding the <OMA> element as a child of 
<taskbody><steps><step><cmd>...</></></></> should do the trick.  (extend 
their <foreign/> element.)  You will, of course, have to adapt the 
processing s/w to handle the new tags.



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