[Om] Multistep "equation" symbol?

Peter Horn hornp at mathematik.uni-kassel.de
Tue May 12 14:26:00 CEST 2009

Hey Christoph,

> Where is the problem?  OMFOREIGN need not contain OpenMath objects,  
> but, as
> you said above, valid XML (of datatype string, as specified in the  
> Relax NG
> schema).

I missed the choice <text/> in the schema, I had only seen the  
<element> stuff.

So you're perfectly right! Apologies.

> I cannot give any
> recommendation on how your parser should treat OMFOREIGN, but it is  
> likely
> that they will encounter encodings (such as LaTeX) that they don't  
> understand
> -- because they are, well, _foreign_.

Well. It is supposed to PRESERVE the content, at least. :) So that's  
what we'll do.

Best and thanx for the clarification, Peter

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