[Om] Several Newbie Questions

Jan Willem Knopper jknopper at win.tue.nl
Tue Jul 6 14:09:08 CEST 2010

Manuel Schölling wrote:
> Hi,
> thank you very much for your great responses!
> About the editors:
> - Wiris formular editor,
>   MathDox formula editor,
>   Sentido formula editor:
> They are nice, but web based. I'm searching for one you can embed into
> an application.

For completeness: there is also MathEditor 
http://wme.cs.kent.edu/mathedit/ written by Su Wei (which is also web
based and written in javascript).

Maybe it would be good to make a list with links to these editors at the
OpenMath web pages (we can discuss this at the workshop) and can also
produce OpenMath.
> - Gemse: I don't understand how this editor works. I'm using Firefox 3.6
> but I cannot edit nor click anything on the demo page.
> - SCIEnce Java libraries: Where can I find the homepage of this project?
http://java.symcomp.org for the java libraries
http://www.symbolic-computation.org for the project

http://www.imcce.fr/Equipes/ASD/trip/scscp/ for information about an
SCSCP library for C/C++. There was a talk about this at the SCIEnce
workshop yesterday. The person developing that library might be able to
answer some of the questions you have.


Jan Willem Knopper

P.S. I'm working on the MathDox formula editor. Feel free to ask
questions about that to me.
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