[Om] Content Dictionary for Linked Data with RDF

Wenzel, Ken Ken.Wenzel at iwu.fraunhofer.de
Wed Feb 29 17:34:20 CET 2012

Dear OpenMath Community,

we've recently developed a simple OpenMath CD for accessing and representing RDF data
within mathematical expressions. The CD tries to provide a minimal set of symbols
required to integrate Linked Data and OpenMath.

Thanks to Paul Libbrecht the description of rdf.ocd is now available under:

The basic idea is to provide an OM vocabulary for representing RDF resources 
and literals (rdf.resource, rdf.literal_type, rdf.literal_lang)
along with prefix mappings for short names (rdf.prefixes, rdf.prefix).

For the retrieval of existing resources and their property values the symbols 
rdf.resourceset, rdf.value and rdf.valueset
are provided.

The most complex symbol is "rdf.resourceset" which
accepts an Manchester OWL expression as OpenMath string:

This symbol requires an implementor to create a Manchester OWL parser
that is able to interpret the given class description.
An alternative would be to express the class description by
using OpenMath set expressions.

I hope that the RDF vocabulary is already useful and provides a starting point
for further investigations on this topic.

Best regards,

Ken Wenzel

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