[Om] Content Dictionary for Linked Data with RDF

Paul Libbrecht paul at hoplahup.net
Wed Feb 29 20:34:26 CET 2012


can you describe your expected usage of this CD or expressions built with it?
Are you expecting to use OpenMath-aware tools in their mathematical glory on rdf-graphs?

thanks in advance


Le 29 févr. 2012 à 17:34, Wenzel, Ken a écrit :

> Dear OpenMath Community,
> we've recently developed a simple OpenMath CD for accessing and representing RDF data
> within mathematical expressions. The CD tries to provide a minimal set of symbols
> required to integrate Linked Data and OpenMath.
> Thanks to Paul Libbrecht the description of rdf.ocd is now available under:
> http://www.openmath.org/cd/contrib/cd/rdf.xhtml
> The basic idea is to provide an OM vocabulary for representing RDF resources 
> and literals (rdf.resource, rdf.literal_type, rdf.literal_lang)
> along with prefix mappings for short names (rdf.prefixes, rdf.prefix).
> For the retrieval of existing resources and their property values the symbols 
> rdf.resourceset, rdf.value and rdf.valueset
> are provided.
> The most complex symbol is "rdf.resourceset" which
> accepts an Manchester OWL expression as OpenMath string:
> http://www.openmath.org/cd/contrib/cd/rdf.xhtml#resourceset
> This symbol requires an implementor to create a Manchester OWL parser
> that is able to interpret the given class description.
> An alternative would be to express the class description by
> using OpenMath set expressions.
> I hope that the RDF vocabulary is already useful and provides a starting point
> for further investigations on this topic.
> Best regards,
> Ken Wenzel
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