[Om] Symbol question: interval1:oriented_interval

Deyan Ginev deyan.ginev at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 17:23:10 CET 2018

Dear OpenMath working group,

I am uncertain if I should address this question to the OM team or the w3c
math list, but hopefully the member overlap makes this a non-issue.

I am working on some infrastructure for representing integrals in strict
Content MathML (in the latexml software suite), and noticed a suggested
best practice in the official specification:


" If the head is int then oriented_interval is used. " - referring to a
symbol in the interval1 content dictionary.

Strangely enough, following that link leads to a CD that contains no such
symbol. I am wondering whether the CD itself, or the Content MathML
specification examples need correction, but the discrepancy is definitely

Luckily the fully opaque "interval" symbol seems to be a good short-term
alternative in the meantime.

Thanks in advance for your help,
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