[Om] PASCO 2010: Programming Challenge

Daniel de Angelis Cordeiro Daniel.Cordeiro at imag.fr
Tue Jul 13 15:43:54 CEST 2010

   Matrix product over multi-precision integer and gcd computation
                         21st-23rd July 2010

                   PASCO 2010 Programming Challenge

Call for Participation

Since the  80s and  during the  90s a lot  of parallel  algorithms was
proposed  for computer  algebra.  Thus,  30 years  after  few computer
algebra  system  are able  to  exploit  modern parallel  architectures
multi-core, cluster  and GPUs. The International  Workshop on Parallel
and Symbolic Computation (PASCO) is a series of workshops dedicated to
the promotion  and advancement of parallel algorithms  and software in
all areas of symbolic mathematical computation. The pervasive ubiquity
of  parallel  architectures  and  memory  hierarchy  has  led  to  the
emergence  of a  new quest  for parallel  mathematical  algorithms and
software capable of exploiting the various levels of parallelism: from
hardware  acceleration  technologies  (multi-core and  multi-processor
system  on  chip,  GPGPU,   FPGA)  to  cluster  and  global  computing
platforms.   To   push  up  the  limits  of   symbolic  and  algebraic
computations, beyond  the optimization of the  application itself, the
effective use of a large number  of resources -- memory and general or
specialized computing units --  is expected to enhance the performance
multi-criteria objectives:  time, energy consumption,  resource usage,
reliability.   This   year  the  PASCO  2010   workshop  organize  two
programming  challenges on  ones  of the  most fundamental  algorithms
arising in computer algebra  and providing rich opportunities for high
performance computing. The two  problems are matrix multiplication and
gcd computations. Instances of the problems are given on the web site.

The  competition   will  take  place   live  during  the   PASCO  2010
workshop. The results of the  competition will be presented as part of
the PASCO 2010 program. All participating teams will run their program
on a selected  set of the problems. The rule of  the game is available
on         the         PASCO         2010        workshop         site
[http://pasco2010.imag.fr/contest.html].   We  strongly encourage  all
developers  of parallel  program  or developers  of parallel  computer
algebra  system tools to  participate in  the competition.   Teams are
invited to send a declaration  of participation as soon as possible by
sending   a  mail  to   the  PASCO   2010  conference   organizers  at
pasco2010 at imag.fr with the following information:

* The  name of  the  team  and the  contact  information (name,  email
address,  institution  or company)  of  each  team  member willing  to
participate to the  PASCO 2010 programming contest;

* The name of the contact person (interlocutor and team

Accounts will  be created on machine  to allow teams  to prepare their

Important dates

Team declaration of participation:   19 July 2010
Preparation of the team:             From 18 June until 20 July (remotely)
Final preparation day:               Wednesday 21 July 2010 at the Conference location
Face to face challenge:              Thursday 22 July 2010

Publication of the results during the Conference banquet.

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