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Mickael Gastineau gastineau at imcce.fr
Tue Oct 9 20:47:02 CEST 2012

If you want to communicate with other CAS, you should have a look to the SCSCP protocol desgiedn by the SCIEnce project.
It allows to communicate in a client/server manner.
The clients and servers have been designed for  several CAS, such as maple, mathematica, gap, macaulay2, trip, ....

You can design your own client or server using the C or C++ API (http://www.imcce.fr/trip/scscp) or the Java API (http://java.symcomp.org/)
I designed the C/C++ library.

It will be easy to design a client for the  function solveFor.

This function corresponds to the following example (C or C++):



In these examples, you can retrieve the openmath expression as a string  (see solution 2).

Several examples are available in the directory examples of the C/C++ library.

The SCIEnce project is available at : http://www.sympcomp.org (but it seems that the website is down for the moment).


Le 09/10/12 20:14, ken a écrit :
> My apologies. I think I did not say that very well. I would only use openMath to encode the equation or formula part of the command to the CAS. So I would use it as a standard for encoding
> mathematical objects, but not for use internal to any part of my application. At the same time it would not be the entire command language to access the CAS.
> For example I might have a function like this:
> char * solveFor(char* openMathEquation, char* variable )
> {
> // take openMathEquation and put it into the format expected by CAS
> // set up command for CAS
> // send command to CAS
> // get result form CAS and turn into a openMath string
> // return the openMath string
> }
> My project is more about the interface so maybe I should choose one CAS and not abstract its interface and that would save me all the trouble of using openMath.
> Thank-you.
> PS If someone wants to give input on the design or goals of my calculator (other then the openMath part), send me an email, and I will let you know a little more details on what I am trying to do.
> On 10/09/2012 10:23 AM, Lars Hellström wrote:
>> ken skrev 2012-10-09 17.22:
>>> Hello, Lars Hellström
>>> I was thinking of using OpenMath as a command language to access the CAS,
>>> not as a standard for encoding mathematical objects
>> I see. Yes, that would be trickier.
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